What Is Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC)?

CIC was formed in the year 2001 as the Muslim Canadian Congress. It was later changed into Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC). The organization represents the interests of the Canadian Muslims in the country. Muslims are a minority group in Canada. The region is overly dominated with Christianity as the main religion.

Therefore, the Canadian Islamic Congress serves the purpose of protecting the rights and the interests of the Muslims in the region. The following are some facts about the organization which are not known by many people:

1) The Organization has a Scholarship Program

What Is Canadian Islamic CongressCIC is highly involved in sponsoring Canadian Muslim university students. Mainly, the organization supports students who are taking courses such as law, journalism, and also political and social sciences. Over $30,000 scholarship program fees have been spent by the organization to sponsor different students since the program was commenced.

2) CIC is one of the largest Canadian Nonprofit Organization

CIC stands as an independent Islamic organization which advocates for the rights and interests of the Muslim citizens in Canada. It is a non-governmental organization (NGO) which earns its income and resources through different projects which mainly involves different communities in Canada.

3) CIC Is Involved In Researches about Different Factors affecting Muslims

For instance, CIC has been conducting a research on “Anti-Islam in the Media” for a period of over 13 years. This research was started in the year 2003. Also, the organization has been involved in researching on the factors shaping the inclusion (or lack of it) of Canadian Muslims in national political affairs.

The organization realized the reduced interest among the students joining universities in taking journalist, law, and political courses. As a result, the organization embraced a program to sponsor students in a bid to enhance them to break trend.

4) CIC highly Upholds the Contributions of Muslims in Canada

What Is Canadian Islamic CongressAs a minority group, Muslims are not really appreciated for their efforts in Canada. Therefore, this translates into reduced interest in developing their careers especially among the youthful generations. Thus, the CIC acts in appreciating the Muslims contributions in the fields of medicine, academics, environment, law, journalism, politics, and engineering. Normally, the organization does this through giving awards and honoring different Muslim individuals involved in different projects as well as showcasing the contributions in the mass and social media.

5) CIC owns the online Magazine, The Friday Bulletin

The magazine is known to reach over 500,000 subscribers across the world. CIC is the main publisher of the magazine. The organization publishes the magazine on weakly basis. Also, the organization is involved in publishing different articles and papers such as: Canada and the Muslim World, Islam, and Social Justice.

6) CIC acts as the Voice of Canadian Muslims

Muslims are a minority group in Canada. Therefore, they might be disadvantaged in voting as well as in other sectors and matters of the public. CIC holds the role of the spokesman in consulting the federal government and other departments to address different concerns affecting the Muslims community in Canada.


Through CIC, many Muslim individuals in Canada have been able to integrate in the society without any fear of discrimination on the grounds of religion. The organization has acted as the main advocator of Islamic rights in the country. Also, the organization has helped over 3,000 students to pursue different courses in Canadian universities.

Ten Luxury Hotels In Toronto

Toronto is one of the leading tourist attractions in Canada. According to the Ontario ministry of tourism, Toronto brought in a revenue of around $ 7.2 Billion in the year 2015. A large percentage of the income was from the hotel industry. This is because Toronto has some of the most luxurious hotels not only in Canada but also globally.

1. One King West Hotel and Residence

Ten Luxury Hotels In TorontoThis luxury hotel is built in the grand beaux-arts ,architectural style which makes it have a classical appearance. It also has a 5 minutes walk from the Hockey hall of fame and the high-profile shopping mall known as Toronto Easton. The hotel boast of elegant studios, fully furnished one-bedroom suites and upgraded suites with a Jacuzzi.

2. Four Seasons Hotel

Ten Luxury Hotels In TorontoThis is a five star hotel which is just a few minutes walk from the Royal Ontario Museum. It compromises of a chic restaurant, a cocktail bar, a spa, an indoor swimming pool, a whirlpool tub, fitness center and a business center. Its rooms have a sophisticated look and have a high-speed reliable Wi-Fi.

3. Trump International Hotel and Tower

Ten Luxury Hotels In TorontoThis high-rise hotel is approximately 8 minutes from the Hockey Hall of Fame. Some of its high-end facilities include 3-floors of events facilities, an elegant restaurant, and a bar. The other amenities include a spa, a well-equipped fitness center, and a heated indoor pool. Its rooms are attended by 24-hour service and have a free Wi-Fi connection.

4. Park Hyatt Toronto

Ten Luxury Hotels In TorontoThis particular 5-Star hotel is a 5-minute walk from the Royal Ontario Museum. A striking and unique fact is that it as a nice view of the city from the rooms. It boasts of various luxuries. For example, each room has a separate living area a sleeping area. In addition to this,it has services such as bike renting and car services. There is a rooftop lounge,a spa, and a fitness area.

5. Shangri – La Hotel

Ten Luxury Hotels In TorontoThis is unique in its own way due to the fact that it is Asian themed. It is a 2-minute walk from the Osgood subway station.Its rooms are either one or two bedrooms each having marble bathrooms. The rooms are well equipped and have a balcony and a dining room which makes you feel like home away from home.

6. SOHO Metropolitan Hotel

Ten Luxury Hotels In TorontoThe hotel is a 10-minute walk from St.Andrew Station .A very striking and unique provision is the 3-storey penthouse suite which has a private glass elevator. It also has a Chinese Restaurant and Bar. It also offers a free morning shuttle service .The bathrooms, which are marble have heated floors and bathtubs too.

7. Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel

Ten Luxury Hotels In TorontoThe hotel is just 11 minutes walk from the Royal Ontario Museum. The hotel has elegant rooms ranging from classic studios, bi-level and one-bedroom suites. It has other amenities such a spa,a fitness center, 12-confrence rooms and a bar and restaurant

8. Delta Hotels

Ten Luxury Hotels In TorontoThis four star hotel overlooks the Ontario lake giving the rooms a wonderfully relaxing view. The sleek rooms come with a TV-screen, iPod docks, coffeemakers and other facilities to make the occupant comfortable. It features amenities such as indoor pool, a fitness center bar amongst others.

9. The Hazelton Hotel

Ten Luxury Hotels In TorontoThis five star hotel offers lovers of art with an art collection center. Other amenities include a sophisticated Italian and French restaurant, a bar , a fitness center among other. The Hotel features posh rooms with equipment such a coffeemaker . It is just a short distance from the Bay station subway.

10. Thimpson Toronto Hotel

Ten Luxury Hotels In TorontoThis modern hotel is a few minutes drive from the Billy Bishop Airport. The view from its classy floor to ceiling windows is breathtaking. Its rooms have the sight to the Ontario lake and the skyline. Some of the amenities include ample parking, a ballroom, a pool and a screening room.


These top hotels in Toronto offer the visitors with high-end services.These hotels have been rated high in the industry for their improved services and their top-of-the-class amenities.

What Is The Political Ideology of Justin Trudeau?

Justin Trudeau, the son of a former Canadian Prime Minister, gained widespread media attention and popularity when he delivered a touching and artistic eulogy of his father- during his father’s funeral. Claude Ryan described the speech as a manifestation of a political dynasty.

Trudeau has worked as a teacher and an activist. His win brought new hope to his party which had struggled in elections. And on a light note, his shaggy hair did not prevent him from winning the elections. At quite an early age, Trudeau was a staunch supporter of the liberal. For example, in the 1988 federal election, he campaigned for John Turner.

Political Ideology

Budget Deficits

What Is The Political Ideology of Justin TrudeauTrudeau stated that he would accommodate budget deficits in order to invest in major infrastructural initiatives, which would in turn play a key role in boosting the economy. Other major parties were in favor of balanced budget. His argument was that an effective response to the recession would be a stimulus. Consequently, the gains will outweigh the negative impact of deficits.

Taxation on the Wealthy

Trudeau proposed that he would raise taxes on the wealthy. This would help the state compensate for a tax cut that the middle class will benefit from. Trudeau has long been against the conservatives’ taxation policy and he desired to overturn at least some of its major tenants. He has vowed to execute this policy.

Stand on Refugees

Perhaps, the most humanitarian policy that Trudeau has promised to develop is a welcoming attitude towards the refugees. Canada is a multicultural and pluralistic country. He promised to process of admitting Syrian refugees to Canada and make a $ 100 million on investment in the resettlement. He has continuously shown his discontent about banning the nigab (a veil that is worn by women in order to cover a part of their face).

The Voting System

What Is The Political Ideology of Justin TrudeauIn Canadian politics, the first-past-the-post method of voting does not favor the liberal politicians. Trudeau has stated that he would select an all-party committee which should come up with a more acceptable voting system. On the table of the system is online voting as well as ranked ballots.

Climate Change

At the center of Canadian elections was the issue of climate change. The conservatives were generally cold about international agreements concerning climate change, perhaps due to the economic cost that comes with that.

Trudeau has pledged to support the climate change of efforts, thus taking a distant stand from the conservatives.

Other Positions:

The following are other political positions held by Trudeau:

  • Legalizing marijuana (he says law enforcement on marijuana is expensive. Trudeau has admitted to using marijuana in at least two instances
  • Putting the air bombardment against IS to an end: He proposes more ground troops and an increase in humanitarian aid.
  • Boosting the relationship between the US and Canada. This was strained under Harper.


The liberal party will not have a difficult time in passing its legislation. This is because it holds the majority in parliament. However, changing what the conservatives have laid down in ten years is not an easy task.

Massage Chairs Are Better Than the Manual Body Massage

According to the health experts, having a massage is an effective way to deal with stress and cope with various health issues. Therefore, improved technology is continuously looking for ways to improve than traditional hand massage. This is on a quest to deliver more effective massage effects. This has led to the coming up and improvement of the massage chairs. The latest massage chairs are installed with computer intelligence that makes the whole massage experience better and more enjoyable than the manual hand massage.

• Acupuncture technique

Massage Chairs Are Better Than the Manual Body Massage

The most advanced massage chairs have foot rollers utilize the reflexology technique. They accurately identify the acupoints on the sole of the feet. This is a new technique in which very few massage therapists know or even utilize. This means that when one uses a massage chair, they do not only enjoy the benefits of the massage but also the benefits of reflexology.

• Full Body massage simultaneously

The massage chairs are installed with an automated program in which one can enjoy an all body massage simultaneously. However, with a manual body massage, one can only have one stage to the next massage. At no point can one enjoy an intense massage whereby all the body parts are being massaged.

• Chromotherapy

Some massage chairs have blue LED lighting that illuminates the massage room with a cool relaxing atmosphere. This means that the massage chair also utilizes the visual sensation to induce and facilitate relaxation. Most table massage rooms just have the normal lighting. They only use the tactile sense to induce relaxation.

• Heat Therapy

Most massage chairs utilize the heat therapy for the lower back massage. This helps to induce relaxation and increased blood blow. Heat therapy is a technique not always utilized by massage therapists. This makes the massage chair more effective than the traditional massage.

• Audio Stimulation

Massage Chairs Are Better Than the Manual Body Massage

Some massage chairs are installed with an MP 3 system. This can be used by the client to listen to some cool soothing tracks. This helps to use the audio sensation to induce relaxation and stress relief. This is not the case in the normal table massage.

• Uncomfortable with touch

A number of people are uncomfortable with being touched by another person. This can be uncomfortable mostly because one is required to shed most of their clothes. Therefore, for such people, a massage chair in the comfort of their home would be the ideal situation. Even if one is going for a chair massage at one’s local massage parlor, one can get the massage with the clothes on .

• Schedule

With a professional masseuse, you need to make an appointment. This can be inconvenient with you work schedule. However, when you have a massage chair in your home gym, you can get the massage at the time you are free without having to re-arrange your schedule.


The most advanced massage chairs are very effective in massage. If one does the calculation of how much one spends on massage per month and yearly, one will realize that it exceeds buying a massage chair.

Visiting Central Reykjavik & Around

Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland. This city is largely known for its rich tourist sources. At the same time, Reykjavik is known for famous hotels and restaurants. It is located at a latitude of 64 08′ N. thus, it is one of the northern capital cities which are most visited by people throughout the year.

The city developed from Ingolfur Arnarson initial settlements which were established in 870BC and from trade activities especially in the central part of it. Today, the city has a wide variety of tourist places which are attractive to many people. What are some of the Places to Visit in Central Reykjavik & around?

1) Reykjavik Art Museum – Hafnarhus/Harbor house

Visiting Central Reykjavik & AroundThe museum was founded back in 1973. Arguably, it is the largest visual art in the whole of Iceland. It has old harbor and houses collections that were adapted from the permanent settlements which were established in the city. Also, the museum has the collection of the famous works of Erro who was famous across Europe. The museum comprises of 3 different building namely: smundarsafn, Hafnarhús, and Kjarvalsstair.

2) Reykjavík 871±2

Visiting Central Reykjavik & AroundThese are the remains of the early settlements which were established by the Vikings in the 10th Century. In the location where the settlements were established, an interactive museum was erected in order to allow the showcasing of these settlements. This place is also used for photos and movie shooting.

3) Alingishúsi

Visiting Central Reykjavik & AroundFor more than 10 centuries, this structure has remained firm at the Austurvöllur which is centrally located in the central part of Reykjavik city. This famous structure depicts the early successes in architecture as well as the early settlements construction. Also, the building has a national library and an Antiquaries Collection with rich art galleries.

4) National Museum of Iceland

Visiting Central Reykjavik & AroundThe museum was established in 1863. It is a rich source of the history of Iceland which dates up to 8780 BC. It has vast information about the culture of Iceland and about the era of the Vikings settlement in the 10th Century. The National Museum of Iceland, Reykjavik has over 2,500 artifacts which were adapted from different parts of the country to showcase the history and the culture of the nation.

5) Tjörnin

Visiting Central Reykjavik & AroundThis is a famous small lake which is located next to Reykjavik City of Iceland. It is located next to the Reykjavik City Hall and the National Gallery of Iceland. The shore of this lake stretches all the way to the city center. Therefore, most of the city visitors enjoy walking across the shore and watching the lake from the city center.

6) Hallgrímskirkja

Visiting Central Reykjavik & AroundThis is a famous Lutheran parish church located in the Reykjavik City of Iceland. The church has a 244ft tower which is one of the world largest church towers. The church was constructed in 1986 with inspiration from the traditions of Iceland as well as modern cathedral designs. Its location provides a great and a clear view of the city.


Reykjavik is the cultural, religious, business, entertainment, and education center of Iceland. It has a couple of museum, early settlements, churches, and natural sites that attracts visitors and business people from all over the world. This makes it to one of the most visited cities in Iceland.

Tips to Travel along Gun Safe for Self Security

The issue of personal security is coming a concern in the US and other parts of the world. With the rising rate of insecurity and social crimes especially in the public platforms, many states’ and national governments have ushered in the concealed guns carry laws allowing individuals to carry their guns with them in public places.

However, carrying a bare gun or carrying a gun without the knowledge of the legal requirements of a place may be risky for you. You may need to have a gun safe as well as conversance with the laws of the region in order to decide on what to do with your gun. The following are some tips necessary for you:

1) Fit a Gun Safe in Your Car

Tips to Travel along Gun Safe for Self SecurityMany people store their guns in their cars while travelling with them. However, some people store their guns in the glove compartments besides the driver seat and the steering wheel. However, this presents a risk of burglary actions and even robbery to your gun.

Therefore, storing your gun in such a location may not offer you the required protection. Having a biometric or a pin lockable gun safe in your car will offer your gun the protection required during the travel. You can also read more about gun safe reviews over at the Gun Safe Guy or read their gun safe in car guide right here for either more general informationa bout gun safes or more narrowed own information about how to choose the best gun safe for your car.

In countries such as US, Mexico, Australia, and Honduras handguns such as pistols and short-guns are preferably allowed to the citizens. Therefore, a car-fit gun safe which will enhance you to safeguard your gun and access it in emergency instances may be a good choice.

2) Have a Gun Carry License

Having a gun safe fitted in your car or a holster on your clothes will be a clear proof that you are carrying a gun. Currently, different states in US such as Texas, Florida, Utah, Vermont, Louisiana, and Kentucky among other states have passed open and/or concealed gun carry laws.

Therefore, you may need to know the legal requirements and provisions of the region that you are travelling in before you decide to carry your gun safe. Preferably, carry your gun license everywhere you go to avoid landing into legal cases.

3) Do Not Touch Your Gun Safe in Public

Tips to Travel along Gun Safe for Self SecurityRegardless of the state or the country that you are in, touching your gun safe in the view of the public will draw attention. Adjusting or fidgeting the gun safe or holster will cause the public to be in tension about what you intend to do. Thus, ensure that your gun safe is in place to avoid touching or operating it in public.

4) Know Your Equipment

Understand your gun safe or holster and how it functions prior to carrying it. Do not wait until the time that you are travelling in order to familiarize with your equipment. This will create tension in the public. Also, it will limit your security chances.

5) Strictly Know the Laws and Regulations

Understand the difference between concealed and open carry which requires you to either hide or show your gun. In case you are in a concealed gun carry location such as New Jersey, Florida, or Utah, ensure to carry your gun safe to ensure the safety of your gun from unintended viewing.


Carrying a gun safe is essential for your security as well as that of your gun. However, it is important for you to understand the legal requirements of different states and countries before carrying your gun or your gun safe. In anti-guns states or countries, a gun safe may help you in displaying your positive intention in ensuring self security.

What Is American Islamic Congress For?

If there is one single event which changed the world, then that event is September 11 (2001). For example, there was a radical change in the perception on the Muslim Americans in the US. In some cases, some Americans would view them as terrorists. Concerned individuals sought to address this issues. And the American Islamic Congress (AIC) was born. The organization has its headquarters in New York with other offices in Baghdad, Tunis, Basrah, and Boston. It has the approval of the US government and receives significant funding from it.

Overcoming Stereotypes

What Is American Islamic Congress ForThe main role of AIC is to overcome the perception that the Muslims have a strong leaning to terrorism. One of the platforms that AIC uses is the interfaith as well as interethnic platforms. For example, a number of universities in the US have student-led AIC initiatives that aims at fostering integration between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Fight Against Extremism

AIC has admitted that a significant number of muslims have executed or supported terrorist activities citing their commitment to religion. It has stated that the Islamic religion does not allow or encourage terrorism.

Civil and Human Rights

AIC has given attention to the issue of civil and human rights. It has focused its work on the countries in Africa and the Middle East. For example, Project Nur has trained upcoming leaders who will later take on the mantel of addressing civil and human rights cases.

Empowering Vulnerable Groups

AIC has made several initiatives in order to create political awareness among vulnerable groups. It has encouraged such groups to be more pro-active in taking part in the political processes of their respective countries. At the core of this initiatives is capacity building among the young people as well as women. One of such initiatives is the Citizenship Academy Project which is based in Tunisia.

A Voice for Muslim Americans

What Is American Islamic Congress ForAIC has aimed at giving a voice to the Muslim Americans in order to help them achieve their national and international goals and objectives. For example, the organization has raised awareness to the American administration on various pertinent issues that affect the Muslim community.

Promoting Multiculturalism

AIC has sponsored a number of multi-cultural initiatives. These include the following:

  • The Dream Differed contest: This is an essay contest that has been inspired by Hughes literature. The main aim of the contest is to look into perspective the issues surrounding the dreams that Muslim Americans have in the US, and how the failure to achieve them affects them.
  • Eye to Heart is a film competition which encourages the people to embrace positive values as well as achieve social change. The contest takes place in the Middle East.
  • The Online Activism Institute is based in the Middle East. It provides free courses on positive leadership, social entrepreneurship, and activism.


AIC has pledged to defend the rights of Muslim Americans and empower them. Overall, the main goal of AIC is the provision of an alternative voice to the Muslims that is based on civic identity which is grounded in the concept of progressive thought and a pluralistic life.

Facts about Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011

The Japan Earthquake and Tsunami took place on March 11, 2011 at around 2.46 p.m. The earthquake was reported to be of 9.05 Mw with a 30-foot tsunami. It happened in a 231 miles area in the Northeast of Tokyo. Also, the earthquake happened at a 15.2 miles below the earth surface. The earthquake and tsunami incidence was associated with a couple of facts including the following:

1) Fourth Ever Largest Earthquake

Facts about Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011The Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011 was ranked as the fourth ever largest earthquake and tsunami incidence that has ever taken place in the world. The incidence surpassed the Southern Chile (9.5 Mw), Prince William Sound, Alaska, USA (9.2 Mw), and the Northern Sumatra, in the West Coast of Indonesia (9.1 Mw) earthquake and tsunami incidences.

2) More Energy than Hiroshima Bombs

Facts about Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011According to a research by Kyoto University, Japan, the 2011 Japan Earthquake was the worst ever tragedy to happen in the country after the World War II. The earthquake produced a lot of energy which was equivalent to 8,000 Hiroshima atom Bombs which were used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the 1945 World War II. The incidence even surpassed the World War II by producing high amount of energy. Eventually, the energy caused a tsunami of 30-foot which swept away almost everything that was on the earth surface.

3) It Claimed over 230,000 Lives

The Japan earthquake and tsunami of 2011 was ranked fifth among such incidences which has claimed the lives of the highest number of people across the world. This falls behind China, Shansi (830,000), China Tangshan (655,000), Indonesia, Sumatra (250,000), and Syria, Aleppo (231,000). Also, the incidence led to the loss of property worth millions of dollars.

4) Worst Ever Incidence in Japan

Other earthquakes and/or tsunami incidences have previously hit Japan in different areas. These areas include: Genroku, Hoei, Great Yaeyama, and Unzen. However, the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011 was ranked as the worst ever in the Japanese recorded with its 9.1 Mw and 30-foot strength being ranked the highest.

5) Resulted to 30ft-Tsunami with Waves

Facts about Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011According to the Meteorological Agency, the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011 resulted to waves of up to 30 ft. These waves led to collapsing of buildings and other structures. It also swept away large objects such as cars and other structures placed on the earth surface. In Sendai, Japan, over 100 evacuation sites that were designated to save people from the earthquake hit region of Tokyo were eventually destroyed by the tsunami waves.

6) Aftershocks and Earth Impact Cases

In the next couple of years after the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011, Japan experienced over 5,000 earthquake aftershocks and earth impacts in different regions across the country. These included Honshu coast region in the northern part of the country as well as the Honshu islands.


Being the worst ever incidence to take place in Japan after other such cases and the World War II, the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011 caused huge losses to the country. Over $300 billion property and resources were destroyed by the incidence in Tokyo among other places in Japan. The recovery process took (and still taking) a lot of time and resources.

Advanced Way to Operate Fish Finder

A fish finder is an important tool for fishing. It enables you to locate and catch fish without necessarily spending time on the look-out. Therefore, a fish finder alters the fishing experience with a new fish catching rate. What are the Advanced Ways to Operate a Fish Finder?

Buying a fish finder is not enough guarantee that you are going to change your fishing experience. The tool requires proper installation as well as conversance with the advanced ways to use the fish finder. Below are some advanced ways to use and operate a fish finder.

1) Read the Manual Carefully

Advanced Way to Operate Fish FinderAfter buying and prior to installing your fish finder, take time to read the manual carefully. Different types of fish finders are installed and operated differently and in different parts of the boat. This introduces you to the equipment that you have just bought. It instructs you on how and where to install the fish finder and on basic ways of using it. After reading manual, proceed to install your device.

2) Turning on the Sensitivity

When you access the turbid water with the likelihood of growth of algae and plank-tonic, you may turn on the sensitivity. This will help you to realize the location of the fish in plenty. The surface clutter fitted on the fish finder detects the exact location of the fish from the boat.

3) Consider the Familiarizing with the Fish Finder GPS

When looking for a suitable fish finder your should keep in mind that a good fish finder might come with a rich list of features and some are enhanced with Marine GPS. Therefore, they contain information about the location and the underwater characteristics. This allows you to see the locations and other factors that may predict the presence of fish in large amounts. At the same time, you may consider familiarizing with the on-boat GPS fitted in the boats. Through the information from the two systems you will be able to fish successfully without delays.

4) Using the Fish ID Setting

This is the representation of the fish arches on the fish finder screen. The fish arches are seen in different colors. However, several usage of the fish finder will enlighten you on how to understand the real fish from arches portrayed. This increases your accuracy in detecting the presence of fish underwater.

5) Understanding the Auto Depth Setting

Advanced Way to Operate Fish FinderThe Auto Depth is a setting enhances to realize when you are navigating locations with different depth in the water body. Normally, different fish types live in different water depth locations. Therefore, this setting allows you to do your fishing on different locations depending on the type of fish that you wish to fish.

6) Understanding the Suppressor Control

The suppressor setting is important for the reduction of ground noise. Reduction of this noise is essential in reducing the noise that may scare away fish in an environment which is normally associated with less noise. However, if your boat has a properly installed transducer, using the suppressor may be unnecessary since the transducer is capable of reducing the noise successfully.


The fish finder is an essential device that increases your view and prediction about fish presence in the water. A fish finder produces a side image or down image sonar which increases the view under the water. As a result, the potential of catching more fish in a short time becomes possible.

Are People Satisfied for Using Pressure Cooker?

The level of customer satisfaction plays a critical role in helping individuals determine if a certain product is worth their money. Similarly, businesses use it as a metric to evaluate the reputation of a certain product in the market. Marketing strategists argue that it is far much cheaper to promote a certain product to existing customers than seeking new clients.

Pressure cooker users have measured the experience they have had with the product. If the pressure cooker reviews are anything to go by, pressure cookers have offered the clients cooking satisfaction. This is because of the following reasons:

It Saves Energy

Are People Satisfied for Using Pressure CookerThe pressure cooker was invented in France. In the US, it gained widespread use during the Second World War. The science behind it is that it raises the water’s boiling point. Thus you save cooking time by as much as 70 %. This translates to a lower utility bill.

Better Food Flavor

The pressure cooker gives you more options to make your food taste better. Some pressure cookers have a set of programs that provide variety in cooking. In addition to that, a pressure cooker carries the benefit of stewing as well as slow cooking. Moreover, pressure cooking can help you roast rather than doing a lot of seasoning. Generally, cooking food with whole and fresh food is far tastier than the use of processed ingredients.

Healthy Meals

Using the “normal” cooking, a lot of nutrients are lost in the cooking method. This is because the more water you use in cooking, and the more the time you take in cooking, and the more you lose the nutrients. This is more so when it comes to nutrients as well as water-soluble vitamins. On its part, a pressure cooker ensures that you use less liquid. You also take less time. For example, the meat becomes moist and softer.

Researchers have stated that a lot of nutrients have been depleted in the soil- this leads to less nutrients in the food produce. Add that to a poor cooking method and you have food with less nutrients. A pressure cooker will come in handy in the preservation of nutrients.


Are People Satisfied for Using Pressure CookerSome cooking methods have been known to cause accidents. For example, a gas cylinder malfunction has been known to burn down homes. On its part, the modern day pressure cooker employs various safety measures in order to ensure safe cooking. They contain a vent safety system as well as multiple valves. In addition to that, the gasket mechanism as well as the pressure release will enable venting of pressure.

A Cool Kitchen

The pressure cooker does not lead to a rise in the temperatures of the room. Some cooking methods can make the room hot. This is more inconveniencing during the summer. Generally, it reduces the steam and heat thus making the kitchen cool.


When you are buying a pressure cooker, take time to compare the prices and features. However, do not let a high price turn you away. Such a pressure cooker comes with advanced features, and they will benefit you for long.